Private banking,
but renewed

We bring the personalised service to traditional private banking along with a forward-looking digital approach. Fixed-rate. No paperwork. No hidden fees.

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We provide elevated service manufactured for individuals

Our goal

We intend to move private banks from traditional paper-based forms to Web3 Apps by launching a sleek platform for payments and investments.

Our values

We believe transparency is critical to building trust and loyalty in business and as for an organisation, it’s our most valuable asset.

Our approach

We provide personalised service, bespoke financial advice and investment opportunities to align with what’s most important to you in life.

Simple and powerful app for everyday banking

Comprehensive private banking services

Dedicated personal manager

Our relationship managers are always ready to provide a holistic, personalized approach to your advanced financial planning.

Bulletproof security guaranteed

Your finances are secured by a partner bank in a disparate
account under e-money regulations. We never lend your money.

Solution for Family Offices

We always put our customers at the heart of our business, advancing private banking
towards a greater interpersonal approach that aims to establish new standards of service.

The accumulation of our experience and expertise delivers a contemporary, bespoke
and digital banking service based on personal relationships and long-upheld conventions.

At Fortu, we enjoy hosting events for clients
who fancy meeting like-minded individuals
and attend programmes where we provide opportunities to share actionable insights.

Complex made simple

Online onboarding

Avoid paper work by opening an account in 3 easy steps

Reliable solutions to invest

Grow your wealth easier with our qualified team

Our investment products have been developed and
are managed by a team of specialists who possess
a wealth of experience within their areas, steered under the leadership of Tom Pelc. When you invest your capital is at risk.


Invest in thematic baskets designed by us, for you

Fortu provides a unique offering of thematic baskets of stocks and bonds. These baskets allow you to explore assets unified by industry type and choose what to invest in. When you invest your capital is at risk.


Focus on your financial goals rather than research

Create a portfolio that is attuned to your personal values, financial position and aspirations for the future. Save time spent on research by investing in
a wide range of our thoughtfully selected assets. When you invest your capital is at risk.


Dive into the world of decentralized finance

Discover the future of global finance by investing in decentralized digital assets. Build and manage your entire DeFi portfolio to earn a favorable investment yield and be the first to take an advantage.


Get a secure crypto wallet with unlimited features

Buy, sell and manage crypto and fiat currencies in a secure Fortu wallet, all from the app. Become a part of the cryptocurrency movement that is changing the game directly with your bank account.


Shape the future with late-stage venture investing

Venture into the late-stage capital market which can be a superior route to funding growth and to access deep pools of liquidity. Explore our exclusive options for the facet of your IPO value journey.


Anytime, anywhere, from any device

We offer simple and secure 24/7 access to your money in our mobile app or online. It's a convenient and hassle-free way to complete all your banking transactions — day or night, at home or on-the-go.

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Meet our partners

We partnered with trusted companies who go above and beyond in what they do to deliver exceptional quality service for our clients

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Fortu Membership offers an all-in-one subscription with a fixed price for both individual and business clients. Join now for a 30 day free trial, granting full access to the premium features on our platform.

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Fortu Membership

All Fortu Members get access to a wide range of services for a
subscription fee of £83 per month. No hidden fees. No extra cost.
Pay in UK and EU for free
Make prompt and free payments within United Kingdom and European Union with no hidden fees or markups
Beneficial exchange rate
Swiftly convert and transfer money in over 30 currencies at the favourable live interbank exchange rate
Spend abroad like local
Instantly open free accounts in multiple currencies to spend and transfer money abroad with no fees
Premium support
Reach your personal customer service representative in just a few clicks to get any assistance 24/7
Fee-free investments
Invest with no entrance or exit charges, withdraw and top up account at any time convenient for you
Investment expertise
Tap into megatrends by investing in expertly selected investment baskets designed by our team of professionals
High-class security
Fraud prevention and cybersecurity are crucial principles of Fortu. We do not share any data with third parties
Constant service updates
As we grow, we bring more features to our customers. Keep an eye on our Instagram to hear the news first
Quick remittances
Make cross-border payments to your partners and customers as simple and quick as local money transfers
Fixed rates
Access free incoming and fixed-cost outcoming payments through SEPA, SWIFT and Faster Payments rails
IBAN for global transfers
Enjoy instant payments in the UK , near real-time payments in Europe and same-day international payments
Secure business operating
Fortu Wealth is operating under e-money regulations, so your business transactions are thoroughly secured
Safe high-value transfers
Your money, moved safely — with no hidden fees. Conveniently send large amount transfers across the world
Prepaid corporate cards
Empower your team with prepaid business cards and enable trouble-free corporate spending in real-time
Access on the web and app
Operate your business online via the web version or stay in control on the go with the Fortu Wealth App
Multi-user access
Share the workload by letting your team members access your business account and operate it, just like you do
Sign up in 3 simple steps via our mobile app or online banking.
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